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Moving Forward…

Looks like I made a mistake…

We’ve all been there.  You’re concentrating on doing one thing right that you completely ignore the glaring error you created off to the side.  That was me.

Here’s what happened:

I wanted to make my second book, Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12 free permanently.  To do so I needed to head over to another platform (I used ITunes/Ibooks) and make it free there.  After doing so, I would have to let Amazon know that it is free somewhere else and they should make a price match.

The problem is that I still gave it away on kindle unlimited as a free book promotion.  Why is this a problem?  Because that’s a no-no for amazon.  If you want to be in the kindle unlimited program, it must be exclusive with amazon.  Whoops…

So why the heck did I do it?  Simply because I wanted to make sure anyone who wanted it would get it free while I waited for ITunes/Ibooks to review it and make it available and then as I waited for amazon to then review my request to price match.

I know, I could have just waited before offering it on amazon and then none of that would have happened.  But I was eager to get it in front of you, the audience and that eagerness caused a few head bangs against my keyboard in exasperation.

I hope this will all be cleared up soon (crossing my fingers that it will be taken care of today) and Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12 will then be permafree.

I’ll keep you posted on amazon’s response.