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Reading With Kids

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Connect with kids by Reading With Kids

It may seem simple or even old-hat, but reading with kids can really make a difference.

Today I wanted to write about something that I feel passionate about – reading with kids.  And I do emphasize “with” because that interaction, that parent/child connection that happens when you read with your child is very important.  That influence will grow as they grow.  Your little pre-reader will be an old pro before you know it!

I can honestly say for a fact that reading with kids is really that important.  Our little boy is three years old now and he is beginning to read on his own.  Not everything, I mean, he’s still three.  But I really believe that he enjoys reading so much because we have taken the time to read with him.

Here’s what we did:

We started reading nightly to our little boy when he was an infant.  We chose some short little board books.  Our initial goal was to introduce him to a nightly schedule that would hopefully get him used to going to sleep.  We also wanted him to enjoy time with mommy and daddy as well as these strange objects that we were talking to in front of him.

In not so long he started to look at the pictures and started to listen to us here and there.  And you could tell that he was starting to put two and two together.

Next he started to pause a page and look at the illustrations and even mimic what we were saying.  Then there was that magic moment when he started to point to things and say what they were.  I can honestly say magic, because it really felt like that.

Now he looks forward to reading books at bedtime (as well as other times of the day too).  He reads mainly physical books, but does enjoy ebooks as well.  And a big step recently is that he is reading almost the whole book by himself!  Mind you, these are books he’s familiar with.  But still he moves his finger from word to word saying each.  Sometimes he’ll skip a word he isn’t sure about and sometimes he’ll drag us over to it to assist.

It’s all about building solid good habits. reading with kids 3

I really do believe in the power of habits.  Especially after having a child.  I’m sure this goes for not just parents, but teachers too.  I don’t think our little boy would have had such amazing progress without having regular time with us at bedtime reading with him.  I know we all get busy and tired.  That’s why we picked bedtime as the perfect time to do this.  It worked wonders!

Reading With Kids can be more than a passive moment.

One of the reasons that I have extra freebies available with all of my books is because reading can be just the beginning.  A book can ignite a child’s imagination.  Why not carry through on that momentum into some fun activities?  That’s what I have done with Gretta Knows and Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12.  And I will do so with all of my future books as well.  I’m not just mentioning this for my own books, but because I believe continuing that joyous feeling of a good book to an activity can bring out an even greater love and appreciation for reading.  And that can continue on throughout a child’s life.  


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Remember, your kids are only young once.

It can seem like it goes by in an instant.  Reading with kids is a little thing that can pack a big impact as they grow.  Give it a shot.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth it!