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FREE Children’s Book!

FREE Children’s Book Available Now!


BIG NEWS! –  My third children’s book, Alice Dear, Would You Please! is available now on Amazon Kindle.  And, It’s FREE!  

This offer only lasts a few days – from October 20th to October 24th.  So pick up your copy while you can!


And, don’t forget, reviews help a LOT!  And they only take a few seconds to do.  


Plus, like all of my books, there is a link to some FREE activity pages!  Enjoy!  They’re a thank you for picking up Alice Dear, Would You Please!  


Alice Dear, Would You Please!


Amazon book description:

Do you know a stubborn child like Alice? Alice always wants things her way. She knows every version of the word ‘no’ and is not afraid to use them!
Her parents use patience as they try to get her to behave and try new things. As you read Alice Dear, Would You Please!, you will see how a child’s stubbornness can be replaced by curiosity with a simple yes. Read along and see how Alice’s stubborn attitude changes with a simple change of view.
Alice Dear – if you love to hear what crazy things kids say and how trying something new can open up a whole new world for them, then you will love this book!