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New Book Available Now!

My fourth children’s book, Helping Hands is available now on Kindle!

helping hands new cover

In the not too distant future, I will be having a special deal on Helping Hands – probably a few days of it offered free.  It should be around when I have it available as a paperback as well.  Shouldn’t bee too long.  I’ll put out a new blog post in advance of that to let you know when it will happen.

I already have plans for my next few books.  The first one will be a completely silly one.  Should be a hoot.  After that, I will be doing four shorter books.  They’ll be offered as a group or individually.  And those four will be about basic learning, similar to Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12.

Until then, check out the new book, Helping Hands!

Stay tuned.  More to come!