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A Stroll Through The Peace Gardens – part 1

I mentioned in my last post that I taught Cartooning at the International Music Camp located in the Peace Gardens.  I’ve had a few people ask me if I also toured the actual garden part of the Peace Gardens.  Well of course I did.  And, it was amazing!  In fact, I have so many pictures and things to say that I will be splitting this post into two parts.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

The Peace Gardens are located in the heart of the Turtle Mountains on the border with North Dakota and Canada on the 49th Parallel.  It celebrated the peaceful coexistence of Canada and the United States of America.

As I entered the Peace Gardens, my first picture was this small walk-through building that lead to the Sunken Garden Area.  You can see some of my students already heading off to start sketching:

This impressive building is the Interpretive Centre & Conservatory.  This is where the massive cacti garden is located.  It also has a restaurant, gift shop and horticulture library:

This picture is just after the small walk-through building.  You can see a similar building located on the opposite end:

The Fountain Pool of the Sunken Garden area was quite large and a great place to sit and just take everything in.  The Peace Gardens are a very large and impressive area!:

After checking out the fountain pool area, I flipped a coin and decided to head right:

Walking along the path, I noticed area after area of flowers and plants.  Each were grouped beautifully.  There were scores of gardeners everywhere taking care of everything.  One cannot help but be impressed with all the intricate work that goes into the Gardens.:

As I was making my way to one end of the Gardens I came across a small building.  I noticed little nooks and ‘secrets’ here and there as I walked.:

Here is a perfect example of a little ‘secret’.  These succulents were growing on a log next to a stairway.  If you didn’t take a moment to pause and look around you would miss them. Someone put a lot of work into this.:

This is on top of a bridge overlooking the Promise of Peace Sculpture (to the right):

And here is the impressive view to the right – looking back where I walked from:

An overhead view of the Promise of Peace Sculpture:

Making my way back the way I came, but taking a different path.  My goal was to see the whole Peace Garden within my limited time.:

And here I am back where I started.  Now it’s off to the left!  A very good cardio hike.:


But – I think I will cut this post here and leave the next section for my next post.  There’s a lot more to show and tell!

Stay Tuned!