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A Stroll Through The Peace Gardens – Part 2

Okay Everyone!  It’s time to continue our hike through the Peace Gardens.  If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to catch up with Part 1!

In Part 1, I decided to head off to the right to begin my walk.  Now, it’s time to see what we have to the left.  First off there were the United States and Canadian flags in flowers, but when I got there, they were not in full bloom, but still impressive:

This stream that runs from the center of the gardens all the way to the end (to the left) was pretty important to me.  When I was a kid, my parents took my sister and I here to the Peace Gardens.  I have only one memory of the gardens.  It was looking down at a long stream where it jutted out the most.  I remember watching some bugs on the surface of the water.  While doing so, my sister beside me, my parents ran up behind us and grabbed us gleefully saying they saved us from falling in.  Of course, spooking us thoroughly! lol   But yeah, this ordinary little spot was a real special find that I didn’t expect to come upon:

Looking to the left:

And looking to the right:

Off and on I would hear bells.  While looking around when they chimed, my eyes caught this odd building in the distance:

I continued walking along the stream and got a better look at this building.  I decided to get a better look on the way back:

This really is a wonderful walk full of sights.  I wish I had more time when I was there to study things more.  Next time!:

Another surprise (for me) was a memorial hidden away in the gardens.  Off to the side of the sidewalk I came across a sitting area (there were a few of them peppered here and there along the way) with some steel from the World Trade Center.  I had to take some time to stop and pay my respects:

These unassuming steel girders were one part of New York’s skyline:

I walked up to the beams, touched them and remembered watching it all happen when I was working as a RA at the Savannah College of Art and Design:

After stopping by the memorial I walked and walked (it’s a long walk!) until I reached the other end of the gardens.  Appropriately, the next stop was the Peace Chapel.  Those of you familiar with the Peace Gardens will notice that the Peace Towers are no longer there as they were torn down in 2017 due to age and disrepair:

As you can see from the packed seats, I was the only one that walked this far.  Which is a pity because this building was very beautiful.  And yes, very peaceful:

Finally I made my way along the other side of the walk to make my way to what I found out was appropriately named the “Bell Tower”:

And here’s a nice close up of this unique building:

Eventually I made my way back to where I started – the Interpretive Centre & Conservatory.  I knew that I wanted to check out the cactus garden as that’s all I was hearing about from people that had been here previously.  Outside the building was this fun little succulent display:

Succulent tea set area:

That’s all for now.  It was a marvelous walk and I can’t wait to travel back to the Peace Gardens again with my family.

The next blog post will be about the cactus garden.  Lots of photos coming.  Stay tuned!